Derbyshire and Peak District Chimney Services

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Chimney Lining and Relining

Chimneys are generally relined when the existing chimney is either –

a) Unsound or starts to leak poisons gasses into the property.

b) If the cross-sectional area of the flue is too large for the intended appliance.

c) If the existing lining is found to be unsuitable for the proposed appliance type.

When lining chimneys, chimneycure use stainless steel flexible liners as these are the most commonly used in existing chimneys due to the ease of installation which causes very little disruption to the property when installing.

We only supply quality liners which are HETAS approved which are very resilient and available in two grades, 316 which carry a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and 904 which carry a 20-year guarantee.

Depending on the site conditions and the size of the existing flue, some installations require vermiculite insulation which is backfilled between the liner and the flue walls; this keeps the liner warm, which increases updraft and eliminates condensation, which will damage the liner, offer a period.

Liners are protected by a stainless steel cowl which prevents water ingress and birds or vermin nesting in the flue.

Chimney Maintenance and Repairs Services

Chimney CCTV Camera Inspections

If you are worried about the condition of your flue and believe it may be blocked or defective, or if you are thinking about bringing an old chimney back into use and are unsure that the flue is safe.

Chimneycure offer a full chimney CCTV camera inspection service using the most advanced equipment available, giving high-quality footage of the internal condition of your chimney. We can provide a colour copy of the inspection on a DVD along with a written report on the condition of your flue and any faults we may find, we can also advise on the most effective course of action for your particular problem.

A CCTV camera inspection will enable the user to ascertain many problems which are commonly found in chimneys including: