Chimney Maintenance & Repair

Chimneycure offer a complete range of chimney maintenance and repair services including –


Chimney Maintenance Services

Over the years chimney pots can become unstable and dangerous and in need of careful maintenance. The cement flaunching which secures the pot to the chimney stack tends to crack and loosen due to harsh weather and poor workmanship. Chimneycure can supply and fit a huge range of chimney pots in all shapes and sizes to suite any flue diameter and site condition.

As well as the obvious safety improvements we can also avoid further damage to your property caused by a falling chimney pot.

On some occasions it is essential we sweep the chimney before work is carried out to remove traces of soot and tar from the flue. The process of cleaning a chimney has not really changed much since Victorian times, the main difference being that a vacuum is used at the same time as the brushes. This makes installation and repair work to the chimney much quicker and cleaner than before.

Bird nests and deteriorated masonry are the two most common causes of a blocked flue way. A CCTV camera inspection is usually carried out to ascertain the exact cause and location of the problem.

Blockages can usually be cleared with specialist attachments connected to chimney sweeping rods, but in severe situations access holes will be required into the flue to remove the obstruction from the located position. When the blockage is removed we will carry out smoke tests to ensure the flue is working effectively and the chimney is safe to re-use.

Cowls and bird guards connect to the chimney pot and come in many designs suited to various situations. Anti-downdraft designed cowls reduce the amount of wind which blows down the chimney which can help solve some problems associated with chimneys which are terminated in problem locations.

Bird guards are made from mesh or wire and are designed to prevent birds or vermin from nesting in the flue but offer no real protection from the rain, but some cowls protect from birds nesting and also prevent driving rain entering the chimney, effectively protecting the chimney lining and stoves from erosion. We can recommend the best cowl or bird guard for your particular situation and only use products which have been approved by HETAS.

Chimney stacks bear the brunt of the British weather; frosty nights combined with the heat from your fire create a harsh freeze and thaw cycle. This combined with strong winds and rain means your chimney stack is sometimes the first part of your property which requires attention. If you have noticed your chimney stack suffering from erosion or damage, chimney re-pointing and repairs are only a call away.

Logs that aren’t dry will result in a low temperature fire which smoulders and creates lots of tars and smoke. These tars can be corrosive, potentially damaging the lining of the flue and increasing the danger of a chimney fire. Wet logs will tend to blacken glass in stoves even if the stove is designed to keep the glass clean. HETAS recommend that the water content in wood is no more than 20%. We supply our own moisture meters so you can easily check if your logs are seasoned to ensure you get the most from your fuel.

It is now a legal requirement to fix a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room of every new solid fuel appliance installation. For your safety, we supply high quality alarms with all our installations which have been approved by the relevant governing bodies.

If the proposed appliance has a heat output of more than 5kw an air vent to the outside wall will be required. If there is a suspended wooden floor in the room which has adequate under floor ventilation, a floor vent could be fitted as an alternative to a hole through the wall. Depending on the type and size of the appliance we can recommend the appropriate size and location of the vent.

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