Meet Chimneycure

Darren has always had an interest in the long history associated with solid fuel and a particular passion for stoves and chimneys. In 2007 Darren identified the growing demand for independent installers, so decided it to be the perfect opportunity to develop his passions and start a career within the solid fuel industry.

Darren was fortunate to gain experience working with a reputable chimney repair company in Yorkshire. During this time, he gained valuable skills from an extremely experienced chimney engineer. During this time, Darren worked on a large diversity of projects, from small cottages to huge stately homes, which gave him the best possible start to his chosen career.

Darren was keen to become a qualified HETAS installer, as he knew an understanding of all the current regulations is paramount to ensuring a safe installation. So Darren created a portfolio of work which helped contribute to the successful completion of the HETAS engineers course and exam tests.

From these foundations, Chimneycure was born, and since then, Darren has been doing what he enjoys best, working on chimneys and installing stoves throughout Derbyshire. Darren love’s the challenge of the most complex installations and prides himself on his attention to detail, which leads to a growing number of recommendations for his services.

Darren Redfern (Owner) says:

“What makes Chimneycure so different from many is that I offer my customers a real personnel service, I listen to what my customers what and do my upmost to achieve this in the end result. The skills and methods that I use ensures that you receive a no fuss, and no mess service. All the work is carried out by myself cleanly and efficiently, ensuring you spend less money in the long run, and you can have total peace of mind that your property is looked after by somebody that cares, and wants your repeat custom.”

When Darren is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Sarah and three daughters. Usually participating in family activities such as walking, cycling, and camping.


The Government in association with HETAS Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme have introduced new building regulations (Document J 2002) to improve standards and safety.

The regulation requires homeowners to obtain Building Regulation Approval from their local authority BEFORE installing a chimney lining or fitting a solid fuel appliance.

This could be time-consuming and delay any changes you are looking to make. To save you time and money Chimneycure are fully HETAS registered for relining chimneys and fitting solid fuel appliances.

By being HETAS registered, Chimneycure can reline and fit solid fuel appliances without Building Regulation Approval.


To be HETAS registered, Chimneycure has passed strict examinations and has regular checks to ensure professional installations are being used

Your Safety

Danger from fire and poisonous gases go hand in hand with combustion systems; Poorly managed flues and chimneys are no exception to this. A badly maintained appliance, incorrectly installed or using the wrong fuel can dramatically increase the risk of your appliance producing dangerous carbon monoxide.

What are the dangers of a poorly managed flue or chimney?

What are the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

These are just a few of the possible symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning and unfortunately a lot of these are similar to ailments associated with flu,viral infections,tiredness or fatigue.

What can I do to prevent these dangers?

The very first thing we can recommend is download the HETAS advice sheet on carbon monoxide. It provides a great deal advice and tips on ensuring your safety.